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Ludum Dare
Ludum Dare
Wyatt Cheng (@candlesan), an avid jammer and game director at Blizzard Entertainment has been posting daily game jam tips as we count down to Ludum Dare 48. We’ve collected the first 15 for you to check out.

Wyatt's Game Jam Tips
Wyatt Cheng on Twitter: "Game Jam Tip 1 of 20: Focus on learning, not accomplishment.… "
Wyatt Cheng on Twitter: "Game Jam Tip 4 of 20: Take the time to read or watch a tutorial.… "
Wyatt Cheng on Twitter: "Game Jam tip 8 of 20: If you're using Unity, get everybody on the same version at the same time.… "
Wyatt Cheng on Twitter: "Game Jam tip 10 of 20 The bigger your team, the clearer your version needs to be.… "
Wyatt Cheng on Twitter: "Game Jam tip 12 of 20 Take care of yourself. Eat. Sleep. Get sunlight.… "
Wyatt Cheng on Twitter: "Game Jam tip 15 of 20 The theme should inspire you not enslave you.… "
At the time of this writing there are just 4 days left until Ludum Dare 48 kicks-off! Follow @candlesan on Twitter for his final 5 tips.
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