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Ludum Dare 49 ends! Time to play and rate games! More announcements!

Oops! We're running a few days late, but we're back! Ludum Dare 49 ended with nearly 3000 games submitted! Great work everyone!


The theme for Ludum Dare 49 is...

The theme for Ludum Dare 49 is...


Welcome to Ludum Dare 49!

Welcome to Ludum Dare 49!


Theme Voting Rounds 1-3 are open! Final Round Wednesday! New Sponsor!

Oh my! There are less than 4 days left until Ludum Dare 49!


Theme Voting kicks off! New rounds Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Happy Friday everyone.After 1.1 million votes, the Theme Slaughter has come to a close.


The Theme Slaughter Begins! LD49 Sponsor Announcements!

We're less than 2 weeks away from Ludum Dare 49! That means it's time to begin the Theme Selection process. The first phase is called the Theme Slaughter, and that's live now.We're also excited to announce the sponsors for the Ludum Dare 49, and we have a qui…


Theme Suggestions for Ludum Dare 49 close soon!

Just a few quick updates as we begin ramping up to Ludum Dare 49.


Ludum Dare 49 - October 1st-4th (also we're hiring)

It's that time again. As the summer comes to a close, October approaches, and so does Ludum Dare 49: October 1st-4th weekend.Signups and theme suggestions are now open. Visit the website for more.


The theme for Ludum Dare 48 is...

The theme for Ludum Dare 48 is ...Deeper and deeper


Game Jam advice for LD48

Wyatt Cheng (@candlesan), an avid jammer and game director at Blizzard Entertainment has been posting daily game jam tips as we count down to Ludum Dare 48. We've collected the first 15 for you to check out.