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Sharing event updates, stories, and advice for the worlds largest online Game Jam.

Sharing event updates, stories, and advice for the worlds largest online Game Jam.

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Results for Ludum Dare 49. See you in April!

Results for Ludum Dare 49 are now live! Thanks everyone for coming out!


Results day live for Ludum Dare 49!

We'll be live-tweeting some of the results! We'll be counting down the top 15 games from the Compo and Jam. If you're a Twitch streamer, we encourage you to tune in and check the games out as we announce them live.More details can be found here:…


Ludum Dare 49 ends! Time to play and rate games! More announcements!

Did you submit a game this past weekend?If so, you now have 2 weeks to play, rate, and give feedback on other games. If you'd like a rating at the end, be sure you participate. have several other announcements, so be …


The theme for Ludum Dare 49 is...

Good luck!


Welcome to Ludum Dare 49!

Final Round Theme Voting for Ludum Dare 49 has begun! We have many other announcements as well, so visit the website for the latest: Ludum Dare 49 is Jupiter Hadley. Follow the link above to watch.


Theme Voting Rounds 1-3 are open! Final Round Wednesday! New Sponsor!

In case you missed it this weekend, Theme Voting Round 1, 2, and 3 are now open. Cast your votes here: can switch between the different rounds by clicking the tabs.Final Round Theme Voting kicks off on Wednesday.


Theme Voting kicks off! New rounds Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The first Theme Voting round is live right now. back Saturday and Sunday for new Theme Voting rounds.The Final Theme Voting round will kick-off on Wednesday.


The Theme Slaughter Begins! LD49 Sponsor Announcements!

You suggested over 3000 themes! We need your help to find the best ones.'ve gone ahead and filtered-out the inappropriate suggestions found over weekend. The Theme Slaughter continues for the rest of the week, and…


Theme Suggestions for Ludum Dare 49 close soon!

Theme Suggestions for Ludum Dare 49 are closing soon! If you haven't made your suggestions yet, we encourage you to do so "Theme Slaughter" round should kick-off in the next day or so.


Ludum Dare 49 - October 1st-4th (also we're hiring)

It's that time again. As the summer comes to a close, October approaches, and so does Ludum Dare 49: October 1st-4th weekend.Signups and theme suggestions are now open. Visit the website for more.


The theme for Ludum Dare 48 is...

Good luck everyone!


Game Jam advice for LD48

At the time of this writing there are just 4 days left until Ludum Dare 48 kicks-off! Follow @candlesan on Twitter for his final 5 tips.